Spritely Spring Fitness Trends

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With the warmer weather melting all the snow off our Park City slopes comes the desire to spend more time outdoors with fewer layers. We couldn’t be more tickled to get back to nature and take advantage of the balmy spring weather. There’s no better time to get your fitness routine back on track! We’ve got a wonderful selection of athletic wear to inspire your energy and get the bones moving.

A few fitness trends we are noticing for spring 2016…

Fashion Forward
Tops and bottoms that seamlessly meld from workout to lunching out are becoming more commonplace. Expect to see interesting necklines, beautiful details like ruching and cutouts, and technical yet comfy fabrics. The options for stylish workout wear have exploded in the past few seasons and we are thrilled to see a far larger selection of patterns, bold colors, and unique silhouettes.

Strap Happy
Many companies are leaning towards intricate and visually interesting straps. We’re especially noticing this trend on sports bras. Look for geometric patterns, contrasting colors, and unexpected shapes.
Blended Fabrics
More and more brands are utilizing technical fabrics to both strategically design your workout wear while achieving visual interest and fab color combos. You’ll see mesh blended with eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo and merino wool.

Smart Fitness
Of course with the Fitbit and Apple Watch phenomenon it’s getting easier and easier to train and workout with purpose. The motivational power contained in these unassuming devices is something every woman should harness. Consider the extremely simple and user friendly UP2 by Jawbone or the Fitbit Charge model.

Be Bold
We’re delighted by the sight of more patterning in women’s workout wear. Sweating your heart out shouldn’t be boring, so consider a bright pair of tights or a funky sports bra to add a little pizzazz to your sweating session. Looking good will help motivate you to get out and feel good! 

In addition to fitness gear we've got the accessories you need to thrive and survive this summer. Come see our sunglasses, bags, hats, sandals, and more! 

Freshen up your style with a new pair of shades now that the sun is here to stay. 

Freshen up your style with a new pair of shades now that the sun is here to stay.