About Our Shop

Fashion is more than just expressing yourself, it gives a person empowerment and self-confidence.


For as long as she can remember, Lori Harris has been intrigued by fashion.

From a very young age, she watched her grandmother take clothes from the JC Penney catalog and turn them into fabulous pieces; making her the queen of fashion in Lori’s eyes. The way fashion can change how a person feels coupled with her own passion, motivated Lori to open Mary Jane’s in 2004. She wanted to create a store where women of all ages could shop for emerging and known fashion designers at a variety of price points.

A believer in women helping women, Lori is excited to bring in Ashley Williams as her business partner. Ashley’s skilled eye for fashion, overall determination, and ability to work hard make her the perfect person to keep Mary Jane’s legacy going strong.


Ashley Williams has always been creative. Her grandmother was very crafty and inspired her in many ways. As she explored and took up sewing, Ashley knew she wanted to make fashion her career. A Utah native, Ashley has been working for Mary Jane’s for more than five years.


She enjoys meeting customers from all around the world, each with different styles and fashion interests. The diversity of customers allows Mary Jane’s to be open and expressive with the products they choose for the store. She also loves working with her business partner, Lori, who has been a role model to help her grow and stay motivated.